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About SEL

Share Everything Lab Pte. Ltd.’s, (SEL) Singapore, is developing a protocol that will decentralize and revolutionize the sharing economy industry. Cozystay, a vacation rental platform that has been operating since 2015, will be the first adopter of SEL’s blockchain-based trust protocols, which will solve critical problems that have plagued the vacation-rental sharing economy so far. SEL’s strategy is to a partner and integrate other sharing economy business verticals to ultimately build a Share Everything community and ecosystem.

Our Mission

Share Everything Lab’s mission is to connect people globally with vacation rentals and related services anytime, anywhere, in a decentralized, fair and transparent manner.

Industry Pain Points

Double Booking

Double booking is a common problem among hosts and vacation rental platforms. Hosts typically list their accommodations on multiple platforms to have greater visibility for potential guests.

Security and Fraud

Security and fraudulent activity in the vacation rental space have always been an issue. Many centralized intermediary platforms are unwilling to fully guarantee the credit of guests, and will not share their data to reduce the credit risk.


Reviews can be modified by a centralized platform without leaving a trail, and hosts often do not give honest reviews because they fear retaliation or reputation loss.

High Fees

Existing conventional platforms rely on multiple intermediaries or third-party service providers to complete the full transaction cycle, include ID verification, PMS, and channel management; and those providers charge platform fees, bank fees and foreign exchange fees. The cost can range from 7%-25% of the rental after all the fees are aggregated.

SHR Solutions

Reputation Protocol
  • Based on Member's Activities
  • Promote Good Behaviours
  • Eliminate Bad Activities
Community Self-Management Protocol
  • Know Your Member (KYM)
  • Listing Verification
  • Review Verification
  • Dispute Resolution
Booking Protocol
  • Instant Booking
  • Double Booking Resolution
Ecosystem Partnership Protocol
  • Customized Smart Contract
  • Enrich SHR Token Economy
  • Strengthen SHR Ecosystem
Payment Protocol
  • Eliminate Platform Fees
  • Instant Transaction
  • More Secure Transaction
  • Staking for Discount
Smart Lock Payout Protocol
  • Detect Service Delivered
  • Instant Payout to Host
  • Instant Payout to Smart Lock
  • Eliminate Transaction Fees
  • Reduce Accounting Effort

SHR Ecosystem

SHR Ecosystem

The SHR community along with SHR Protocols and SHR token (the SHR Token) will form a decentralized ecosystem around vacation rental activities, which is created for the community members. We will enable the ability for DApp to be built on top of the ecosystem to provide services to enhance one or more aspects of vacation rental activity in the community. Our partner Cozystay™ ( will rebuild their platform on the SHR ecosystem as the first DApp.

The Token can be used as:

  • Member incentives/rewards in Community Self-Management Protocol
  • Discounts for booking accommodations and other travel services
  • To exchange for goods and services
  • SHR Token can be used by DApp for its own use cases


The whitepaper describes Share Everything Lab’s competitive advantage in providing vacation rental ecosystem protocols and utilizing blockchain technology, which will be provided to our partner adopters, Cozystay Holdings Inc. ( and its subsidiary, an existing vacation rental group headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The key to success for user adoption is in leveraging existing companies that have a relationship with their existing user base of hosts and guests, and have industry partners to develop and grow a community based on our Token ecosystem.

Product Roadmap

June 2018

Publish White Page

July 2018


August 2018


September 2018

Payment Protocol

November 2018

Reputation Protocol

November 2019

Start First Adoption

October 2019

Smart Lock Payout Protocol

August 2019

Booking Protocol

July 2019

Community Self-Management Protocol

June 2019

Launch First Adoption

April 2019

Publish Schedule of Protocol Updates

March 2019

Host First Community Proposals for Protocol Updates

February 2019

Partnership Protocol

January 2020

Start Second Adoption CozyLiving

March 2020

Host Second Community Proposals for Protocol Updates

April 2020

Publish Schedule of Protocol Updates

May 2020

Launch Second Adoption CozyLiving

First Adopter — Cozystay

The first Chinese offshore vacation rental platform catering to global departures from China and local vacationers

To ensure that the SHR ecosystem can be used with other decentralized applications, we have built the protocols to ensure they can be easily and seamlessly integrated. Our partner Cozystay™ ( ) will be the first adopter to move their vacation rental platform to SHR ecosystem,and help to build and benefit from SHR community.

Worldwide Listings




Growth Rate

30% m/m

Capital Raised



Jan 2015



Head Office

Vancouver, Canada

Sales Office

Beijing, China





Self-Managed Properties

300 at Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Seattle

Cozystay's Partners

Token Distribution

Token Structure
Allocation of Proceeds


Galen Cheng
Founder & CEO
Donald Kim
Co-Founder & V.P of Business Development
Peng Shen
Co-Founder & CTO
George Gao
Co-Founder & CFO
Terry Wang
Director of Software Development
Max Ma
Technology Director


Jun Luo
Founder/CEO Tujia
Hai Zhuang
Former VP Tujia
Gary Cao
Founder Delta Travel Network
Beier Cai
Blockchain Technical Specialist, Advisor
Co-Founder/CTO First Coin Capital
First Engineer Hootsuite
Andrew Csinger
Certified Blockchain Specialist
Li Fan
Founding Partner GeekHouse Capital

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an accredited investor?

An accredited investor, one must have a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of one's primary residence, or have income at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 combined income if married). (note: please refer to your local legal definition of an accredited investor)

What is a SAFT?

The Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) is an instrument and open-source framework for token sales. The SAFT is the agreement used by most companies for investments.

While the SAFT has been extensively reviewed by multiple legal teams, we strongly recommend you consult with your own legal, investment, tax, accounting, and other advisors, to determine the potential benefits, burdens, risks, and other consequences of such a transaction.

What is a qualified purchaser?

A qualified purchaser is a much greater requirement than an accredited investor and a qualified client. To paraphrase the requirements under Section 2(a)(51) of the Investment Company Act, a "qualified purchaser" means: a person not less than $5 million in investments.

What does it do?

By employing blockchain technology Cozystay plans to resolve four key issues that are essential to building and scaling the Cozystay community:

  1. Empower the users
  2. Trust and Security
  3. Reduce overall fees
  4. Fair and transparent reviews
How does it work?

Users can use our first adopter Cozystay's Web or DApp directly, while any third party can build their own DApp by using the smart contract protocol provided by SEL.

  1. Reputation Protocol
  2. Community Self-Management Protocol
  3. Booking Protocol
  4. Ecosystem Partnership Protocol
  5. Payment Protocol
  6. Smart Lock Payout Protocol
Does this really need to be on a blockchain?

Yes. The mission is to connect users globally with vacation rentals and related services anytime, anywhere, in a decentralized fair and transparent manner.

Current sharing economy platforms enable billions of people to be simultaneously both provider and customer of the goods and services within each ecosystem. These companies have maintained a high degree of centralized power and can dictate how the larger community should function within the ecosystem. Often, what’s most beneficial for the community may not be implemented if it’s at the expense of the company’s profitability.

Is the token necessary?

Yes. The SHR Token is a utility Token used to incentivize and reward users and as a means of exchange for goods and services in the SHR ecosystem. Transactions can still be completed using fiat currencies but the SHR Token provides a discount, creating additional value to the SHR economy. The SHR Protocols govern the Token and community, with all transactions utilizing SHR Tokens and recorded on the blockchain. SHR Tokens are used for the following:

  • Used as member incentives/rewards in Community Self-Management Protocol
  • Used to get discounts for booking accommodations and other services
  • Used to exchange for goods and services
  • Used by DApp for its own programs
Can the team execute?

The team is comprised of people that have built a company with 60,000 users and 200,000 listings and in operations for 2.5 years. Executive management have built strong partnerships in the vacation rental and tourism industry to help build their global presence. The technical team is located in Vancouver, Canada and Beijing, China and lead by management with experience at top global IT companies.

The advisory board are industry experts in the sharing economy, tourism industry and blockchain experts. Included are founders of the largest vacation rental sharing economy in Asia, and the first and only investment bank qualified in providing solutions for ICO in Asia.

Our technical blockchain partner is the largest blockchain technology company in China.

What is the money being used for?

Please refer to Token Distribution

How are tokens allocated

Please refer to Token Distribution

Is there a pre-sale?

Yes. Please contact admin.

Are there bounty programs?

There are no bounty programs at this time. However, we are vetting bounty campaigners and looking to connect with a campaigner to help build the community.

Is there a lot of advertising?

Cozystay has hired PR and Marketing companies in North America and Asia. Advertising is imperative to bring brand awareness and to build the marketplace.

The goal is to eventually have the community build and scale our advertising through word of mouth, and social media.

What is the pricing model and what value is being assigned to the company?

SHR to USD 1:1, there is also a soft tie to ETH based on ETH to be $500, so SHR = 0.02 ETH

Investor Relations

Share Everything Lab Pte. Ltd. will only accept capital investment in fiat or cryptocurrency from accredited investors. Eligible investors must adhere to applicable laws of each jurisdiction.